Three is a Magic Number

One of the most important signals driving today’s market is one you may not be familiar with. Most traders begin their technical trading with daily charts. Then they branch off into intraday or weekly, maybe even monthly charts. One that’s not so often discussed is a 3 day chart. 3 is a magic number for … Read more

My Favorite Swings

My Favorite Swings (and Bikes)

One topic that’s seen a fair amount of conversation here lately is how long you should hold swing trades. By definition, a swing trade is anything held at least overnight, but there’s a big difference in holding a position for a day vs. holding for 3 months. Ultimately the correct duration has several variables, but … Read more


‘Tis The Season

As we wrap up October and roll into November there’s one thing that always comes to mind for me – McDonald’s. Wow. McDonald’s you say? Thrilling. Are you there for the burgers or the milkshakes? Honestly neither and I’m not here to have a discussion on the food. The reason McDonald’s comes up for me … Read more

13 Tickers with Henry Gambell

13 Tickers

One thing traders tend to think about too late in their pilgrimage to success is the list of symbols, or tickers they’re going to trade. I don’t think you should confine yourself to just stocks, so I’m being broad with the title of this, but you should really consider the products you’re going to trade … Read more

Another leg down for the Dow

Another Leg Down for the Dow?

Wednesday’s session wasn’t for the faint of heart. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 800 points from the previous day’s close, and as financial media was quick to point out, the largest loss in 2019. While that is a noteworthy statistic the index is no stranger to significant declines. In December, prices fell more than … Read more

The Shift In Tesla

The Shift In Tesla

TSLA has been on the run the past several weeks with shares gaining 10% in the last 5 trading days and 40% from the June 3rd lows. We’ve been able to participate in some of this bullish momentum using one of my favorite methods of technical analysis, Symmetry. In this case, Symmetry in Price. Symmetry … Read more

The Belly Button Level

The Belly Button Level

If you took the average human, let’s say 6’ feet, or 72 inches tall, and the top of the head was the high where we began our retracement and the lows (or zero) were his feet, then the .618 retracement would be “about” where you’d find the belly button. Think of it as more of an art than a science, and of course it does differ but I’ve found it to be generally true. More importantly I’ve found it helps me remember a key retracement in the analysis of swings in the market.

Trading Thanksgiving

While most normal humans use this week to begin embracing the holiday season and all the wonderful social detail it brings, myself and others like me continue to have a captivating relationship with the markets. On one hand, we allocate a fair bit of our existence to research, trading, and updating charts. Giving the mind … Read more


Confluences & Correlations

Market correlations are an interesting field of study. There are times when correlations are extremely helpful in determining what might happen in a given market. Then there are times when correlations do nothing other than promote confusion and convince traders to hold onto a losing position waiting for said correlations to kick in. I try … Read more