A Confluence of Squeezes

A Confluence of Squeezes We are often asked by new traders who come to us (and by new, this can merely mean traders who are new to our Simpler Trading community and Simpler Jargon), what is the squeeze? Well, let me tell you that the squeeze and its relation to the 21 EMA are the … Read more

Raghee’s Risk Tolerance

“I love trading and I love traders. It’s what I do and it’s the way I look at the world. My goal every single day is to help traders find their path through the markets to success.” — Raghee Horner  Raghee is an aggressive futures and forex swing trader, who specializes in primarily trend following … Read more

The Strategy Selection Risk Gauge

Neil Yeager’s Strategy Selection Risk Gauge

Neil is a conservative trader, who maintains the style of trading small, and risking small, so you can trade often and stay in the game for a long time. While he also trades futures, and by their very nature are high leveraged products, he still trades them in a very defined, conservative manner. This trading … Read more

Raghee’s Chart Setup

Raghee’s chart setup has everything she needs to effectively trade futures and forex products. She likes to keep it simple and easy. Check out the tools she uses to trade the markets.  Her core setup includes: TradeStation Workspace 13 and 21 EMAs on the close The 34 EMA on the high the low and the … Read more

Neil Yeager

Neil’s Charts – His Core Setup

An avid futures and options trader, Neil’s chart setup is one that allows him to always have an overall market view, in addition to analyzing each vehicle he is trading. Neil is all about following the trend, and entering at high probability moments in time, and you’ll notice his chart setup and tools reflect that. … Read more

Understanding Carolyn’s Charts & Setups

Her Fibonacci Levels are a combination of the following: Fibonacci Extensions These are shown by green lines that are labeled ‘EX Ret 1.272, EX Ret 1.618, and EX Ret 2.1618.’ Fibonacci retracements These are shown by the blue lines ‘Ret 0.382, Ret 0.50, Ret. 0.786.’ The 0.618 retracement is shown by a single purple line … Read more

The Best of: Carolyn Borden

Show Me the Money Trading is all about learning to recognize the patterns that work. Like Warren Buffet has famously said, “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” Sitting on your hands, and waiting until high probability moments in time appear, are what this game is all … Read more