Timing The Market

When many market analysts talk about “timing” the market, they are typically talking about timing market entries and exits using their “PRICE axis” analysis. I do apply the Fibonacci ratios on the price axis of the markets all the time, and find this rather valuable. I also time market entries using the actual TIME axis … Read more


AAPL Part Deux

Many of you have seen my Apple Inc (AAPL) work on the “Off the Charts” segment of Mad Money. Many traders thought I was a little crazy putting out an upside target at the 146 area. Note that this bigger picture target is based off the May 2016 lows. If the larger pattern from the … Read more

Finding an Edge in Yen

Finding An Edge In The Yen

December Yen Since no one REALLY knows where the market is going to go, my job as a technical analyst is to find an edge for my traders after studying past patterns in the market. Studying those patterns, along with the help of my favorite Fibonacci ratios, will help us anticipate what to expect in … Read more

When To Protect Profits

Anyone who is familiar with my work using the Fibonacci ratios will hear me repeat some things over and over and over. One of those things is that many moves tend to terminate at extensions of prior swings if only temporarily. This is when I strongly suggest that traders ratchet up their stops if they … Read more

And The Other Thing About Symmetry….

Symmetry is such a simple concept, yet it is a very powerful analysis tool.  Take a look at this chart in S&P futures.  Symmetry is similarity or equality when comparing swings in the same direction.  Note how similar the swings on this 120 minute chart are.  Obviously these levels don’t always hold, but they are … Read more