How To Start Day Trading

How To Start Day Trading

Day Trading So to start with how do you even become a trader? Because there are tons of different types of traders, not just day traders. Day trading specifically refers to the buying and selling of securities within the same day using short-term changes in price. This is different from other trading styles like swing … Read more

Hottest Stock on the Block? Pot.

Regardless of what the moral compass of the company associated with the stock is, when a stock jumps double digits in less than several days it gets attention. Now to multiple people’s shock, the double digit jumping stocks happen to be stocks for marijuana. Yes, you read that correctly – cannabis. Weed Stocks to Watch … Read more

John Carter on Fox Business

Watch John Crush It On Fox Business

Cannabis pharmaceutical company stocks have been soaring recently, and John and the rest of the Simpler Trading team have been riding the wave all week. John appeared on Fox Business with Stuart Varney this morning to comment on the pot stock leaders, and why he thinks they’re here to stay (and short sellers should just … Read more