A Look Into An Automated Trading System With The Doc

Happy belated Groundhog Day!
Great system day today – my automated systems are of the trend-following variety so the huge downtrend shortly after the open led so far to the biggest day the systems have had this year.


Here’s a chart of the Global Variable on the 2 minute S&P E-Mini chart today. The opening short trade (red down arrow) was a monster trade. This was followed up later by a few choppy trades that didn’t help the bottom line, but the long trade around 1:15 on the chart was another huge trade which boosted the profits for the day to one of the best days this year.
I’ll be contributing here on a regular basis from now on – he says confidently – so look for a more detailed series of discussions centering on the use of programmed automated systems for both index and stock trading in the near future.
We’ll discuss the theory and use of automated systems, their advantages and disadvantages, system optimization, and how I create systems to self optimize themselves automatically to better keep in sync with ever changing market conditions..
Stay tuned …
Dr. John Clayburg

Dr. John Clayburg Trading Systems Specialist

John Clayburg graduated from Iowa State University in 1971 with the degree Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. After the demise of his partnership in a large animal practice in his home town of Coon Rapids, Iowa – brought about by the ag crisis of the 1980’s – he and his wife Karen decided to raise their kids on the family farm rather than seek another practice.

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