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What you’ll get with a Simpler Central membership:

Simpler Essentials

Join interactive sessions with our pro traders for Q&A, strategy, and trade ideas. This live breakout room is dedicated to helping you build your trading foundation across asset classes. Get the 101 on trading options, stocks, futures, psychology, and money management. Uncover core skills broken down into bite-sized consumable chunks. 

Trading Room Chat

Simpler Central Live Trading Chatroom

For more than a decade our community has gathered to look for high probability trades together. Members of all experience levels watch our charts in real-time during interactive online sessions. Some members even continue to share ideas and chat after hours, too.

Trade Alerts

We know not everyone can watch the market during the day. As a Simpler Central member you can follow our trades in real-time as we offer instant alert services so you can follow the action from wherever you are with only a smartphone or tablet.

Live Trade Alerts
Premium Newsletter

Premium Newsletter

Every week night you’ll get premium videos from the trader who runs your membership with valuable info that reviews the previous days trades as well as prepares you for the next trading day.

Weekly Watchlist

Receive a curated list of tickers that our trading experts are keeping an eye on (which will be posted by the end of the day every Monday) along with a “rundown” explaining the picks.

Weekly Watchlist

Your Simpler Trading Team

One of the most important things when learning to trade is having trading mentors. We don’t want you to waste your time wading through business after business, trying to find an experienced trader you can trust to guide you in the right direction. Trade with our team of experienced traders instead.

John’s trading strategy combines expert technical analysis with an overall macro, fundamental view. John is the trading expert everyone turns to when the markets go awry.

Founder of Simpler Trading

John Carter

Henry focuses heavily on scanning for new setups, managing open trades, and walking traders through new trades. He looks at the markets with a trend following, conservative take.

Sr. Managing Director of Options Trading

Henry Gambell

Danielle is the ideal trading mentor. Whether you’re a new or seasoned trader, Danielle addresses your questions on how to understand and apply our strategies here at Simpler.

VP of Options

Danielle Shay

Kody’s main goal in trading is to produce weekly income for a source of living. He seeks to actively pay himself weekly while managing risk.

Director of Weekly Options Strategies

Kody Ashmore

Allison's unique view of how to look at Capital Risk, the Charts, and the Option Chain can give any trader a new perspective on investing.

Director of Risk Tolerance

Allison Ostrander

Raghee excels in longer term plays that last days or weeks, averaging between 30-70% ROI. Receive trade setups between 6-34 hours in advance of the trigger, allowing clients who don’t want to sit at the computer all day an excellent opportunity to enter swing trades.

Managing Director of Futures Trading

Raghee Horner

If you’re looking to improve you risk/reward ratio, or you’re not able to devote large amounts of time sitting watching the charts, Bruce may be just the trader you’re looking for.

Director of Options & Income Trading

Bruce Marshall

Joe's specialties are trading, mentoring, coaching, OTC trade negotiation, risk management and market analysis.

Managing Director of Commodities & Equities

Joe Rokop

Taylor’s trading style focuses on trading setups with options strategies. He focuses on trading weekly, 3-day, and daily squeezes in trending stocks.

VP of Directional Options Strategies

Taylor Horton

Sam is primarily a swing trader. He works to understand the markets through technical analysis and recognizing the distinct psychology and correlations of each chart.

VP of Options

Sam Shames

Traders who listen to David in the Simpler Futures room use his insights to take their trading to the next level. He is the creator of some of Simpler's most popular indicators.

VP of Quantitative Analysis

David Starr

Mary Ellen knows what to look for - combining fundamental and technical information with a heavy dose of intuition and 20 years as the trusted advisor to the advisors.

Senior Managing Director of Equities

Mary Ellen McGonagle

Discover a methodology incorporating defined risk, targeted strategies, and exceptional market analysis. Jon provides unparalleled insights, enabling traders to reach new heights.

Director of Supply and Demand

Jonathan McKeever

Chris is a great mentor for traders that are interested in stocks, day trading, and more. He prefers trades with limited risk and uses simple setups to target consistent gains.

Sr. Managing Director of Stocks

Chris Brecher

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