Learning the Language

Simpler Summary Whenever you first start trading, you may become overwhelmed with the jargon that so many traders like to use. As you sit in the trading room or listen in on a webinar, you may feel as if everyone is speaking a different language – except evenGoogle Translator can’t help. Don’t be discouraged if … Read more

Diamond in the Rough

Simpler Summary As the market moves out of consolidation and the overall pull back we have seen from earlier this year, there are a lot of charts setting up to make some nice moves. If the markets are able to break out of this consolidation to the upside, there will be some stocks that have … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency

Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably become aware of this thing called cryptocurrency. Or you’ve seen some headlines with either of the words “Bitcoin” or “blockchain.” So if you’ve found yourself on this post, then you at least have some intrigue around the idea – even if that … Read more

Ethereum Under Regulatory Scrutiny

Ethereum Under Regulatory Scrutiny

Cryptocurrency and Government Regulation Cryptocurrency has been difficult for the government to regulate ever since Bitcoin seemed to creep out of a computer programmer’s basement somewhere. But now that Bitcoin is more or less being left alone by big brother, the eyes are drifting to other coins to deem whether or not they should be … Read more

Patience is a Virtue

Simpler Summary Patience is a virtue. It is a phrase many of us have heard throughout our lives. It was told to us as kids when we asked “how much longer?” on a road trip. The saying was repeated to us as we grew older and checked for college acceptance letters, or when we waited … Read more