Simpler Summary 10/27/17

Simpler Summary It’s been quite a wild week with earnings. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) was expected to soar based on demand for its Vega 56 processing chip. That chip has been sold out since launching due to its popularity among Bitcoin miners. Yet, AMD dropped more than 6% on weak guidance even after beating earnings … Read more

Simpler Summary 10/20/17

Simpler Summary “The current markets have been acting like my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law is always frazzled, always late, and always trying to get somewhere she was already supposed to be. The markets have that same feel. It’s like they are scrambling around and pinging back and forth, but there is an underlying feeling they aren’t … Read more

Simpler Summary 10/13/17

Simpler Summary As we approach monthly expiration next week, we have hit yet another round of new highs in the indexes. The Nasdaq (NQ), Dow Futures (YM) and S&P Futures (ES) all knocked out new highs this morning, though they did it quietly. Even though the indexes didn’t have anything too exciting to say, there … Read more

Simpler Summary 10/6/17

Simpler Summary The market has been on fire this week, and it seems as though we got our wish – the markets made their break from the chop and they seem to have chosen their direction. The Dow, S&P Futures, Russel, and NASDAQ repeatedly make new highs and with those highs, new records. From Monday-Thursday … Read more