Simpler Summary 9/29/17

We have been sitting and waiting, watching the news (or in our case, watching the charts) to see which way this market is going to go. I did a pretty thorough review on the chop we have seen in the markets the last six weeks…

The Simpler Summary 9/22/17

The Simpler Sentiment The violent chop we have been experiencing in this market for the past 6 weeks has tried our patience. While searching for pockets of strength, it’s been difficult not to get caught up in the chop. I feel like a broken record as I describe how our indexes at extensions, though they … Read more

The Simpler Summary 9/15/17

The Simpler Summary This week marks not only monthly options expiration, but it is also quadruple witching. What does that mean? This refers to the expiration date in which four different types of contracts are all coming up on expiration on the say day. That includes stock index futures (ES, YM), stock index options (SPX, … Read more

Simpler Summary 9/8/17

Simpler Summary “Are the markets poised for the next leg higher? Or are they getting ready for a leg to the downside? Right now, the market is just like a fickle mistress.” – JC After a long Labor Day weekend, the market opened on Tuesday morning with a bang, with news of building tension in … Read more

Labor Day Sale

Labor Day ‘Sale’ on Cryptocurrencies?

This weekend as you enjoy the Labor Day holiday, I would suggest perusing what cryptocurrencies are ‘on-sale’. Chinese regulators came out this weekend outlawing ICOs, sending the crypto market plummeting. This is on the heels of a huge run up with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many others nearing or exceeding all time highs just days … Read more