Planning A Trading Computer

My current trading computer is about four years old. There’s no reason to tempt fate and see just how long it can last – it is time for a new one. So let’s take a quick break from trading and talk about trading computers. Just as I prefer to build my own indicators and do … Read more


What Time Is It?

Do you consider yourself an investor, a long-term trader, or do you consider yourself a day-trader, a swing trader, a scalper? Why do I ask and why does it matter? The reason is that as we all know, making a profit trading the market is not always easy. Making profits consistently over time is even … Read more


The Role Of Psychology In Trading

Dr. Van Tharp is known for breaking down the trading process into three categories that affect traders. He categorizes them by importance as follows: Trading strategy (10%) Money management (30%) Psychology (60%) According to Dr. Tharp, the psychological outlook and an individual’s way of thinking towards trading is the most important factor for success. The fact … Read more


Trend Trading

A majority of my trading is trend trading, also known as swing trading. Trend trading trades typically have a life of a few days to a few weeks. When the overall markets are moving in one direction, there are many opportunities to find trades. I am sure everyone remembers the market dive in 2008. It … Read more


TLP’s Trading Rules 101

These are 37+ years of knowledge and passion: DO NOT LOSE YOUR ARSE ON FRIDAYS Traditionally Friday is a book squaring day. It is by far the most unpredictable, the most difficult trading day of the week. I don’t know why, but if it can go wrong it will go wrong on a Friday. Food … Read more

The Soybean Harvest Season Friday Trade

For several years I have followed and traded an interesting setup in Soybeans that only occurs three or four times per year, but is quite consistent. It is rather uncommon for grain producers to store their soybean crop in typical on-farm storage structures for a variety of reasons. Among these is the relatively difficulty, compared … Read more