As I look back on the week – and it’s been an amazing one – here’s the view. Whether the FOMC hikes in December or not makes the next Non-Farm Payroll, Unemployment Data, and CPI releases major market movers. We’ll be back on the will-they-or-won’t-they rollercoaster as data will determine how heavily and quickly the … Read more


Finally, Time To Buy Corn?

Corn has been in a brutal downtrend and with December futures trading around $3.30 a bushel it’s hard for a farmer to turn a profit. So is it time to think that the price has to go up? I have developed several tools over the years which fit in my process for finding trades and … Read more


When To Flip The Switch

The markets have been in a strong uptrend for the past six and half years. More than likely during this period most swing trend trades have been long to take advantage of the uptrend. The past few days we have finally seen volatility come back into the markets after 44 days of very quiet trading. … Read more


I Prefer To Stand Alone

For two years I’ve heard nothing but the euro is going to parity with the dollar. “They are in big trouble in Europe. Europe is on the brink of disaster.” Blah Blah Blah… They’ve had two world wars in Europe and they have not fallen off the cliff, but everyone wants to be short Europe … Read more


Beware Of Getting VIXed

“Buy the VIX”. After all, it is the perfect hedge. It was up 40% on Friday while the S&P 500 slipped 2.5%. But there is a distinct problem. You can’t trade the VIX. The VIX is the implied volatility of the SPX options. It is a calculation and the options it is based off of … Read more


Getting Stopped Out A Lot?

Successful traders know losses are just a cost of doing business. Inevitably some trades are out of synch with market and a loss is the price for being wrong. Other times you can be ‘right’ about a trading idea and get stopped out anyway. Typically, this happens when you enter too early or at the … Read more


Confluences & Correlations

Market correlations are an interesting field of study. There are times when correlations are extremely helpful in determining what might happen in a given market. Then there are times when correlations do nothing other than promote confusion and convince traders to hold onto a losing position waiting for said correlations to kick in. I try … Read more