Weekly Wrap-Up For 7-29-16

Volatile moves in some big name stocks did little to move the overall market as the S&P 500 traded in the tightest range in decades. Apple jumped higher on heavy volume. It finished the week above $104 and filled the gap down left by the last earnings. Twitter gapped down mid-week on earnings trading below … Read more


Weekly Wrap-Up Report For 7-22-16

Thursday appeared to be a day to look to the downside. Our traders were short-term bearish earlier in the day yesterday. The selling came, but it was short-lived. Now the S&P 500 has put in a new all-time closing high of 2175. This is a dangerous market. It certainly could go higher, but by how … Read more


Metals And Mining ETFs

The metals and mining ETFs have had a good run the first half of 2016. However, they have had a pullback in price from the 2016 highs the past few days. Is this a correction in an uptrend or is it going to rollover? GLD has the highest daily volume of the gold ETFs, so … Read more


New Highs?

We head into the end of the week approaching new highs. The S&P 500 is currently up 1.5 percent to 2129 as I type. That is about a point off the all-time closing high. The positive reaction the jobs number this morning adds to the post-Brexit rebound, which has seen a better than 6% rally … Read more